Our sensitivity, the world’s happiness

Our fundamentals are:
to feel more sensitive about what cannot be felt,
to see the invisible more clearly,
and to calculate immeasurable numbers without error.

With ultrasonic waves and sensors together with IoT and AI solutions,
we will change people’s minds to transform behavior,
which will lead to the formation of habits and create a culture to improve quality of life.
Furthermore, we will develop wise technologies to keep the world healthy and safe.
Ultimately, the world will achieve a sustainable happiness.
That’s the future of which IS technologies is dreaming.

Who we are

Founded in 1993 as a specialist in ultrasonic sensors, IS Technologies has localized core technologies such as defense
SONAR devices and medical high Intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) devices, as well as ultrasonic measurement sensors for
water resources including hydrologic data acquisition sensors and smart water meters. We provide these products across the world.
As a Korean IT convergence sensor technologies developer, we offer the leading ultrasonic sensor brand SONDAR, a Smart Water Management (SWM)
solution and Smart Reservoir Management (SRM) solution adopting IoT and AI, and an IoT Sensor System (ITSS), thereby providing a comprehensive
decision-making brand for water management including Flood Warning Systems.



A company comprised of happy people.

Where are we going

We will be with you, dreaming of a society where all can be happy.
Beginning with Sensors
Since its foundation in 1993 as an ultrasonic sensor company, IS Technologies has domestically produced specialized
sensors such as navy SONAR devices, medical high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) devices, hydrologic data auquisition
sensors (non-contact type, water level/flow), and smart water meters (ultrasonic), and has grown into a global supplier. IT Convergence Technologies
Here at the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, IS Technologies has launched new products which feature IoT and
AI technologies—such as water resource decision-making solutions and smart water meters—by cooperating through R&D
with external research institutes and other sensor companies. We will continue to develop and supply IT technologies
related to the water industry. Social Contribution
Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions encompassing sensor products and decision-making software based on our
sensor localization and global export experiences together with a range of sensor and software technologies.
In addition, we try our best to contribute to the betterment of human society.

Where are you from
  • 2021 Designated as an excellent R&D innovative product
  • 2020 Signed MOU with Daegu on investment of the water industry cluster
  • 2019 Conducted a trial installation of automatic flowmeter (The national water management unification project)
  • 2018 Implemented an integrated remote meter reading system in Cheongju Conducted pilot projects of remote meter reading in Seoul and Boryeong
  • 2017 Developed a commercial IoT technology (The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)
  • 2016 Conducted a SWG pilot project in Yeongjongdo (ultrasonic water meter)
  • 2015 Constructed a material factory in Gangwon Technopark Korea’s first overseas implementation of remote water management system (Thailand)
  • 2014 Ultrasonic flow measurement technology NEP certification
    IP-STAR Certification
    Ultrasonic water meter development (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
  • 2012 Awarded $3 Million Export Top Won commendation by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (new technology commercialization) Won Prime Minister Award (Life science technology)
  • 2011 Selected as Incheon City Vision Company
  • 2010 Awarded $1 Million Export Top
  • 2009 Observation management system pilot project
  • 2008 Registered as a GM Global Sourcing partner
  • 2007 Acquired NEP certification (Automatic water level meter) Acquired LIG NEX1 QAS defense quality
  • 2006 Acquired ISO/TS 16949 certification
  • 2004 Won Minister Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology)
  • 2002 Acquired QS9000 and ISO9001:2000 certification
  • 2000 Designated as a promising tech SME
  • 1998 Acquired certification of KT new technology of ultrasonic level Registered as a military supply contract firm by Defense Acquisition Program Administration
  • 1996 Established a research center of sensor system
  • 1993 Founded Shinchang Co., Ltd